“I was so moved by it, I thought it was so beautiful, I was like, ‘I’m going to have to create a dance to this because people need to hear it.” read more from the Chicago Tribune

“perfectly in sync with Musical Director Kurt Schweitz (who, I’m pretty sure, is a genius)” read more from Art Intercepts

“Bassist Kurt Schweitz, whose handsome tone anchors a billowing technique,” read more from Neil Tesser

“Kurt Schweitz’s original tunes, played live onstage by him and two other musicians, beautifully support the scenes” read more from the Chicago Tribune

“live original music from Kurt Schweitz, who plays nearly every instrument and in this case is accompanied by a flutist and cello… When combined with Kurt Schweitz’s best score to date, CTT’s m.o., however formulaic, is a win.” read more from Art Intercepts

“with music direction by Kurt Schweitz (whose band is sensational)” read more from the Chicago Sun-Times

“Kurt Schweitz’s original music underscores the narration and dances and lovingly supplements the story. Performed live on stage, the music adds an extra energy to the words, action and dancing, resulting in not just a show, but a full-bodied experience. With a compelling story, a stunning score and knockout choreography, Time Steps is a 75-minute emotional journey that’s not to be missed.” read more from Chicago Theater Beat

“Although the show is about tap dancing, the music seeps into the forefront. Kurt Schweitz composed an original, memorable score by using a variety of instruments.  The live music produced by Schweitz, Anna Gillan, and Bryan Pardo are robust notes of whimsy wrapped in foreboding.  There are layers of complexity that pair well to tell this circus tale without words.” read more

“As anyone who has seen bassist Kurt Schweitz in action live as a side man around town will attest, Schweitz is one of the best young players on the scene. Don’t let the baby face fool you, this cat is a monster on the bass.”  “his additional talents as a composer and band leader are made quite apparent.” read more

“bassist Kurt Schweitz generate(s) plenty of energy” read more from the Chicago Tribune

“As with all CTT productions, “Liaison” was the lucky beneficiary of Schweitz’s arrangements and original compositions, performed live by a  jazz combo” read more

“Kurt Schweitz kept the music swinging hard with his active and intelligent bass work.” read more

“Bassist Kurt Schweitz is well known around Chicago as one of the true up and coming talents on both the acoustic and electric bass… it was an absolute pleasure hearing this young man live again.”              read more

“One classy first-time-ever touch: four onstage musicians play a score composed or arranged by two of them, Arne Parrott and Kurt Schweitz. And this shit is good. Mama’s Boy is set in the primordial ooze of Maxwell Street in the 20s and 30s, just as the Depression hits, and the tunes suggest jazz, blues, a little klezmer, and some tango, without ever overwhelming the story or the tap dancing, which establishes character and feeling.” read more

“A sensational ensemble of 14 dancers is set in motion by a sublime four-piece onstage playing a richly jazzy score by keyboardist Arne Parrott and bass player Kurt Schweitz” read more

“An ambitious undertaking, richly accompanied live by a quartet of musicians whose members devised the impressive original score, “Mama’s Boy” is rich in period atmosphere” read more

“The band, directed by Kurt Schweitz, rocked it hard all night!” read more

The musical accompaniment… helps drive the story. It never overpowers, but combines with the tap rhythms to create a beautiful sound for the show. read more

“Schweitz – an active and very talented young bassist is often seen in the Chicago area… Schweitz’ bass work was spritely and exceedingly melodic.” read more

“Bassist Kurt Schweitz also delivers the goods throughout the album and improvises quite nicely.” read more