City of Fiction?

This Sunday (Sept 27th) at 4pm I’m excited to be doing a show with some good friends of mine, Bryan Nichols and Chris Thomson from Minneapolis, and Andre Beasley from Chicago.  The concert is being put on as part of LSTC’s ’09-’10 Chapel Music Series.  Thanks to a Chicago Dept. of Cultural Affairs grant and a grant that Bryan received, we’ll be going into the studio for a couple days next week, so this show is a good chance to see us try out some new material in preparation for that.  Plus, it’s free!  Here’s a quick preview of a Chris Thomson tune from a show we did in MN last year.

Also, coming up on Oct 3, should be a great show with my friend Lisa Roti at the Skokie Theatre.  I’ve done a few arrangements for Lisa as have other members of the talented group she’s assembled for that night.

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